Update 8 August 2017

Dareen Tatour’s detention will complete full 2 years on October 11, probably before the end of the trial. Since May 22, 2017, she is formally allowed to get out of her house between 9am and 7pm, but only if accompanied by a certified supervisor at any moment. The result is that she hardly could use this new partial relief.

In order to help her get more of this limited freedom, 3 of her friends volunteered to register and be certified as additional supervisors. After long delays, the appeal was heard in the Nazareth court on August 1. You can read in detail about this hearing here, and, in Hebrew, here. Finally the three new supervisors were approved.

Today Dareen was visiting friends in Yaffa and went to see the sea that she was so missing.

Update 31 July 2017

Tomorrow, Tuesday August 1, at 9:00, there will be another hearing in the Nazareth court concerning Dareen Tatour’s house detention. As of now she is allowed to go out of the house between 9am and 7pm, but only if accompanied at any step by one of the certified guardians, what means that she rarely have a chance to go out. So some of her friends volunteered to join as guardians… but the court requested the prosecution’s response. And the prosecution delayed, and negotiated, and finally refused any new guardians! So after months of delays over this small request, it will be heard in the court tomorrow.

The Summaries

In the meantime, the prosecutor has already presented her written 34 pages summary, which repeats and stresses furiously all the original accusations. She even claims that the big differences between the translation of the poem that was done by an unqualified policeman and the professional translation presented by the defense prove that the defense’s translation is not reliable!

Now advocate Gaby Lasky is working on her summaries to disprove all the prosecution’s lies and distortions… It will not be ready before September and the trial will probably not be finished before Dareen will complete her second year of detention on October 11…

Update 26 June 2017

On April 27 Judge Bambiliya gave the prosecution 45 days to submit written summaries. They later asked for, and received, another 15 days extension. Now the extended period passed and they didn’t submit the summaries yet, not bothering even to ask for another extension.

The immediate result for Dareen Tatour of these delays is that her house detention – to which she was subjected “until the end of legal proceedings” – is prolonged even more. Now there is little chance that the trial will finish before the poet has lost her freedom for two full years. And this extended period of confinement and suffering will not be reduced from the “punishment” (up to 8 years imprisonment) that might be imposed on her by the court at the end of the trial.

Now lawyer friends tell me that this is nothing special against Dareen. Such delays are daily practice of the prosecution and many of the accused pay the price... Not much of condolences. 

Update 24 June 2017

We now know that the prosecution didn’t submit their summary on time, what will case another delay in the trial and will extend Tatour’s house detention even farther...

Update 28 May 2017

As the trial is unlikely to finish before September (and might easily drag on, including an appeal, into 2018), Defense lawyers Laski and Ramati appealed for an end to Dareen Tatour’s house detention until the end of the trial. In a hearing on May 22, the prosecution strongly objected to any significant alleviation of the harsh house detention conditions under which Tatour is held since her arrest on October 2015 (after initial 3 months in different prisons).

In the end the judge allowed Tatour to get out of her house each day from 9:00 am till 17:00 pm – but she still have to be accompanied by her guardians at any step, what means that she will not really be able to get out of the house most of the time. There is no easing of the decision banning Tatour from any access to the internet. And there are new conditions: The family had to deposit another 6000 shekel and Tatour is prevented from attending any political gathering or activity.

Detailed reports in Hebrew about this hearing were published in Free Haifa, Local Call and Ha-Gada Ha-Smalit (the Left Bank).

Update 30 April 2017

The trial of poet Dareen Tatour was resumed in Nazareth Magistrate's Court on Thursday, April 27, at 12:00, before Judge Adi Bambiliya.

In this hearing the last prosecution witness testified, after all defense witnesses were heard in March. The witness was a lawyer who advised Tatour on the first day of her detention, in October 2015. As Tatour mentioned his advice in her testimony, the prosecutor took the rare step to force the lawyer to testify for the prosecution in order to disproof Tatour’s words. In the court the lawyer, Mr Hussam Mow’ed, didn’t remember any details from his meeting with Tatour, only how shocked he was at her situation after being dragged from bed to the police station at the middle of the night. Anyway, with this nonsense the prosecutor prolonged the trial and added another full month to Tatour’s house detention.

This was the last hearing before the verdict. The judge gave each of the sides 45 days to prepare written summaries. She didn’t set a date for herself for giving the verdict, saying that she will set a date for the verdict only after she will have the summaries, “as they are likely to be delayed anyway”.

Detailed report in Hebrew about this hearing was published in Free Haifa and Local Call.

Dareen Tatour is still under strict house arrest. She is allowed to go out of her house only for 2 hours a day, from 17:00 till 19:00. At any time, at home and while going out, she should be accompanied by one of the “guardians” – her parents, two brothers and a sister in law – who deposited and signed big bail sums and will pay them to the court in case that Tatour will access the internet.


Poet Tatour was arrested on October 11, 2015, for a poem and Facebook statuses. She spent 3 months in different Israel prisons and is still under house detention, already for more than one and half years.

Our presence in the court is an expression of solidarity with Dareen against persecution and the attempts to silence her, as well as defense of the freedom of expression of all of us.

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